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High security locks

When locks are easy to tamper with, your personal safety is at risk. Your home, office, files or cabinets become easily accessible to others. You can prevent this unpleasantness by installing high security locks on all doors and entrances you wish to protect. At New York Security & Locksmith you can purchase the finest high security locks in New York.

We are proud to offer you the exceptional products of such internationally renowned brands as Medeco and Mul-T-Lock. These highly acclaimed companies are famous for the unparalleled quality of their patent protected, high security locks, intended both for commercial and residential use. Contact us to find out more about these first-class products.

Thanks to the patented key control system, when you install high security locks, you can rest assured that your keys are impossible to duplicate.

Only authorized dealers are allowed to duplicate our unique keys, and only after your identification has been matched and confirmed. At New York Security & Locksmith we offer a wide range of high security locks. You can choose from our deadbolts, cylinders, door locks, padlocks or utility and furniture locks, which are all designed to provide the utmost protection for your home, office or any other space you would like to keep safe and secure.

When it comes to providing and installing the best high security locks in New York, trust our online locksmith service.

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